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Customer Care Center
 We are pleased to announce NetViet’s Customer Care Center

NetViet Inc.

(+84) 6261 7310 – Ext 208

Email: info@netviet.com.vn

Conscientious – Prompt – Effective

 Customer Care Center provide clients these benefits:

-       Provide service information, promotions.

-       Answer queries, consult labor law

-       Quickly search staff information

-       Receive and solve ideas and complaints from clients

-       Take care of clients

Our Clients
Address: 03, Nguyen The Truyen St. (3/F), Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu Dist., HCMC

Tel: (848) 6261 7310 - Fax: (848) 6261 7320 - Email: info@netviet.com.vn


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