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2013: The Year Of Social HR (P3)

2013: The Year Of Social HR (P3)

2012 was the year for workforce innovation, with more companies experimenting with using social media to brand and market their organizations. In 2013, companies will take social further: this will be the year of Social HR, with organizations integrating social technologies into the way they recruit, develop & engage employees.

According to a recent study called State of Social Technology and Talent Management, commissioned by SilkRoad, 75 percent of leaders in human resources and talent management believe their companies are behind the curve regarding both internal and external social networking technology.

Now comes the opportunity to turn this belief into action in 2013:  Here are the top five social media trends impacting HR to watch in the coming year.

3.     Your Klout Score Will Become A Measurable Currency

In the next year, your Klout score will find a prominent place on your resume and LinkedIn profile, and may even help you get your next promotion.

Klout calls itself the SAT score for business professionals, measuring the online “influence” of each user. A Klout score is a statistical score from 1-100 which ranks you on variables such as: how many people you reach through social media; how much they trust you; and on what topics. In September of this year, Microsoft made a strategic investment in Klout and as part of that deal, Bing and Klout will partner to strengthen social online search.

As the biggest player in the growing world of “digital influence,” Klout is still setting the bar for what this means. Prepare to answer the Klout tag line, “what’s your influence?” in your next job interview.

“Influence has really become the currency of the social web, and Klout is the standard measurement for that,” said Klout CEO Joe Fernandez in a recent interview with Brian Solis. And he is right. While many of us don’t even remember our SAT scores, we may soon all have the Klout app on our mobile phone and tablet so we know instantly how our score rises and falls each week.

Source: forbes.com


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