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NetViet’s Newsletter on July 21st, 2016
Greetings from NetViet, the first local human resource service provider in Vietnam. 

Welcome to our weekly newsletter, the channel that links you with enriched HR information provided by NetViet. This week comes with the following news:    

1.   What’s up?   

2.   Featured Service   

3.   Legal updates   

4.   Talent Bank

1.      What’s up?

A Full Service week. NetViet has met and discussed with 2 big client from credit and beverig fields. Both of them asked Full Service because they found many benefits from it: saving cost and time for management, making business activities smoothly and create many new ideas.

 2.      Featured Service

The special promotion for Management & HR Consulting Service lengthened during July 2016. Please contact us for detail and further promotion.

Besides, we also have many promotions for other services:

-          Payroll

-          Packaged HR

-          ESS Service 

Please contact us for detail and further promotion.

3.      Legal updates

On July 12th, 2016, HCMC Social Insurance promulgated Dispatch 1762/BHXH-TNTKQ guiding about sending profile through post office for company in HCMC.

On June 29th, 2016, Ministry of Finance promulgated Circular 99/2016/TT-BTC which guided about VAT refund management. This Circular is effective from Aug 13th, 2016.

4.      Talent Bank

This week we are pleased to feature the following high-calibre candidates who are ready to explore a new career opportunity. If they are of your interest, please email the listed candidate code to ess@netviet.com.vn.  (Please jot down “Candidate needed:” in the Subject line). We will then send you their resume.


Code:             C25040

Title:               Business Line Manager – Head of Sales 

Salary:           $2,000 -$2,500   

Education:     - Bachelor, FSB – FPT School of Business – FPT University

                        - College, DMSM - Diploma of Marketing and Sales Management –

PSB College – Branch of PSB Academy Singapore

- Bachelor, Faculty of Electric & Electronics - University of Polytechnics - Ho Chi Minh City

- College, English Language Proficiency (ELPC) - PSB College - Branch of PSB Academy Singapore

Experience:  10 years 

Industry:        Retail   

Graduated in Business Administration and having solid experiences in Sales and Marketing Manager with 10 years experience working in large and multinational companies


Code:              C25036 

Title:               Sales Manager  

Salary:           $2,000 -$2,500   

Education:     Bachelor, Business English

Experience:  7 years 

Industry:        Packaging/Printing   

Nearly 7 years experiences working  including 6 years as Customer Service Team Leader and  now as Sales Manager at larger company.


Code:              C25034 

Title:               Technical Chemistry  

Salary:           $400 - $500   

Education:     Bachelor, Chemical Engineering - University Industrial City

Experience:  8 years 

Industry:        Chemicals   

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and solid experience in Technical Chemistry with 4 years experience working as Laboratory Staff and 4 years experience working as Technical Chemistry


Code:             C25054

Title:               QA executive

Salary:           $2,000 -$2,500

Education:    Bachelor, Biotechnology  – Can Tho University

Experience: 3 years

Industry:       Retail

Have solid experiences in Technical Manager with 3 years experiences working in large and multinational companies .


Code:             C25057

Title:              Purchasing Team Leader        

Salary:          $1,000 - $1,200

Education:   Bachelor, International Business - Vietnam National University HCMC

Experience: 6 years

Industry:      Consumer Electronics

Nearly 6 years experiences working  including 2 years as Tour-runner , 1 year asAssistant for Customs Officer at larger company, 2 years working  as Import Developer and Purchaser and now working as Purchasing Team Leader.


Code:            C25058 

Title:             Sales & Marketing Offcer 

Salary:         $500 - $700

Education:   Bachelor, Business Administration - Miramar University, USA

                       Bachelor, Business Administration - Northcentral University, USA

Experience: 7 years

Industry:       Building materials

Graduated in Business Administration  and solid experience in Sales  with 1 year experience working as Sales Advisor/Consult and Sell Fashion Clothes and 6 years experience working as Sales & Marketing Offcer.


Code:            C25059

Title:              Customer Service Executive

Salary:          $5,000 – $6,000

Education:   Bachelor, Economics Major in International Business - University of Economics

                       Bachelor , Chemical Engineering- Industrial University of HCMC

Industry:      Paper & Forest Products

Experience: 4 years

Having solid knowledge and experiences  in , Economics Major in International Business

with nearly 2 years experiences working as  Sales Executive and now as working

Customer Service Executive at the large company.


Code:           C25060 

Title:             Sales Supervisor

Salary:         $700 - $900

Education:  Bachelor, Computer Science– Industrial University Of HoChiMinh City

Industry:     Information Technology and Services

Experience: 5 years

Good at communication and negotiation with nearly  5 years experience in sales including 2 years as Sales Executive, 1 year as Sales Management Advisor and now  as Sales Supervisor.


Code:             C25061 

Title:              DIS Sales Team – Marketing Department   

Salary:          $800 - $1,000

Education:   Bachelor, Industrial Management- HCMC University

                       Master  , Economics and Law - HCM City University of Technology

Experience: 5years

Industry:       Building materials

Graduated in Industrial Management and having solid experiences in Manager with 2 years experience working as Assistant Manager ,3 years as Sales Executive – Account Management  and now working as  DIS Sales Team – Marketing Department at the large company.


Code:             C25064 

Title:              B2B Sales Executive, Showroom staff, Interpreter  

Salary:          $500 - $700      

Education:   Bachelor, International business administration - National Economic University in Ha Noi

Industry:      Business Supplies and Equipment

Experience: 3 years 

Having solid knowledge and experiences in  Sales Executive with nearly 2 years experiences working as  Foreign Sales Executive at the foreign company and now working as  Sales Executive, Showroom staff, Interpreter.

Further enquiries please call +84 (08) 6261.7310 or email info@netviet.com.vn

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