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NetViet’s Newsletter on June 22nd, 2016
Dear Valued Clients,

Greetings from NetViet, the first local human resource service provider in Vietnam.

Welcome to our weekly newsletter, the channel that links you with enriched HR information provided by NetViet. This week comes with the following news: 

1.   What’s up? 

2.   Featured Service 

3.   Legal updates 

4.   Talent Bank


1.      What’s up?

In the last week, NetViet has completed the Euro 2016 program’s poster project for a big beverage corporation client.

 2.      Featured Service

As a token of our appreciation for being a current client, you deserve this special promotion if you sign up our Management & HR Consulting Service during the month of June and July 2016. Please contact us for detail and further promotion.

Besides, we also have many promotions for other services:

-          Payroll

-          Packaged HR

-          ESS Service 

Please contact us for detail and further promotion.

3.      Legal updates

Notice 1388/TB-BHXH about verification the basis salary to pay Social Insurance (SI), Health Insurance (HI) and Unemployment Insurance (UI). From there, Employee  who participate obligatory SI, HI, if the based salary to pay SI, HI is more than 24.200.000 vnd (as 20 times as basis salary), will pay the max level – 24.200.000 vnd from May’ 2016.

4.      Talent Bank

This week we are pleased to feature the following high-calibre candidates who are ready to explore a new career opportunity. If they are of your interest, please email the listed candidate code to ess@netviet.com.vn.  (Please jot down “Candidate needed: ” in the Subject line). We will then send you their resume.


Code:             C24972          

Title:               QA/QC Supervisor    

Salary:            $500

Education:     Bachelor, Mechanical Shipbuilding - Nha Trang University

Industry:        Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Experience:    5 years

Solid experience about QA/QC with 5 years experience working in mechanical industry including 2 years as QC Incoming Engineer and 3 years as QA/QC Supervisor



Code:             C24646

Title:               Area Sales Manager

Salary:            $1,000 - $1,500

Education:     Bachelor, Economics - University Of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Industry:        Consumer Goods

Experience:    13 years

Having 13 years experience sales field in consumer goods industry including 6 years as Sales Supervisor and 7 years as Sales Manager in large and multinational companies        



Code:             C24613

Title:               QA/QC Supervisor

Salary:            $1,500 - $1,700

Education:     Bachelor, Civil Engineer - University of Civil Engineering in Ha Noi

Industry:        Oil and Energy

Experience:    9 years

Graduated in Civil Engineer with 9 years working including 7 years as Site Engineer and 2 years as QA/QC Engineer in large companies



Code:             C24987

Title:               Hotel Supervisor

Salary:             $400 - $500

Education:     College, English language proficiency program- Psb College

Experience:    4 years

Industry:        Hospitality

Good at English communication and having solid experiences management with nearly 4 years experiences working at large hotel and stores



Code:             C24665

Title:               Business Development Manager

Salary:            $1,700 - $2,200

Education:     Bachelor, Bachelor of IT Engineer - Ha Noi Open University

Industry:        Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Experience:    8 years

Good at communication and negotiation with nearly  8 years experience in sales including 4 years as IT Engineer and Sales Service Support , 3 years as Area Sales Manager , 4 years as Sales Account Manager and now as Bussiness Development Manager.



Code:             C24692

Title:               C&B Executive

Salary:            $500 - $1,000

Education:     Bachelor, Accounting & Auditing major - Economic & Law University

Industry:        Oil and Energy

Experience:    5 years

Graduated  and solid experience in Acountant with 5 years experience working with  3 years as Acountant  and now as C&B Executive at large label company.


Further enquiries please call +84 (08) 6261.7310 or email info@netviet.com.vn

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